28 session program that uses proven tactics to help you reach your maximum
potential through identity exploration, leadership development and empowerment.

+ Identity Exploration Exercises

+ Personality Assessment

+ Strengths Identification

+ Establish Your Values Filter

+ Understanding Leadership Domains

+ Develop a Leadership Vocabulary



+ Hone Communication Skills 

+ Establish a Leadership Declaration

+ Create a Vision for Your Life

+ Develop Your Goal-Setting Skills

+ Redefine Your Life’s Purpose

+ Complete a Legacy Statement

+ Take Action on Your Ideal Life


+ 18 week program

+ Identity Exploration Exercises

+ Personality Assessment

+ Strengths Identification

+ Establish Your Values Filter

+ Understanding Leadership Domains

+ Develop a Leadership Vocabulary

+ Hone Communication Skills 

+ Establish a Leadership Declaration




+ 8 week program

+ Identity Exploration Exercises

+ Personality Assessment

+ Strengths Identification

+ Establish Your Values Filter



Sign up for workshops as an individual or a group!




+ Three 1:1 Sessions

+ Customized Goal-Setting Work

+ Establish a Values Filter

+ Create a Vision for Your Life

+ Develop a Top 25 Goals List



+ 2 hour Group Goal Setting Session

+ Collaborate with Your Team

+ Clarify Organizational Direction

+ Devise an Action Plan

+ Foster Empowerment



Three workshops to help you Cre8Life.


Level 1 | The Happiness Method
The group explores Happiness from their personal perspective, the perspective of the group and the perspective of science and social science.  The group leaves with a greater understanding of how they can “see happy” more easily and more often in their daily life.


Level 2 | The Power of Power of Possibility
The group explores their individual values, passions, purpose and legacy.  Participants will leave the workshop with more clarity around their personal values filter and areas of their life that keep them balanced and most fulfilled, as well as a 10-year vision for their ideal life. 


Level 3 | Cre8LifeNOW
Participants use their understanding of Happiness, their new-found values filter and their 10-year vision to write out powerful, action statements/ goals that will help them not only accomplish their ideal life, but also to live a life of integrity and authenticity…a life they love.